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what is chatgpt

What is ChatGPT? Should Marketers celebrate or worry?

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Chatbot technology has long revolutionized the way people interact with computers.

And now it’s ChatGPT – a new technology revolutionizing the chatbot industry.

GPT (short for “Generative Pre-training Transformer”) is a type of artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI, a research laboratory based in California whose mission is to develop artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity. The ChatGPT AI is trained to generate human-like text responses in various styles and formats primarily because the responses are based on a dataset of large amounts of text. 

Mainly ChatGPT is used by developers today since it provides a comprehensive set of tools and APIs to help developers quickly and easily create chatbot applications. That’s all set to change, and by the time you read this blog, much will have changed already, thanks to the advent of ChatGPT. 

What is ChatGPT? What will be the Impact Of ChatGPT on Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is about adapting to ever-changing developments and taking actions that improve a business’s digital marketing strategy and ROI. In this age of artificial intelligence, apps and programs are the bridge to more effortless engagement with their prospects and customers. With AI, curating content has become easier and content marketing a breeze. You will need a team of content writers to write the final version, but for technical pieces or blogs and articles that are reference-based, GPT is a game changer. Content can be curated in volumes and at a faster pace. 

What are the Primary Functions of an AI like Chat GPT?

This is causing all the trending for chatGPT; Chat GPT is being lauded for generating text output that is logical, coherent, and seems like a human writes it. Sounds crazy, isn’t it? Yes, it’s happening, and star-trek-like journeys are coming, too. GPT technology is a definite leap forward for AI-based text generators. It can help save tonnes of time and money on tasks such as translation, chatbots, and topical research.

As mentioned earlier, the AI GPT writing technology draws its output from the large sets of data it has access to and then creates text responses with a seemingly natural flow of language and in the way the sentences are structured. And that’s where the drawback is, 

It only sometimes provides accurate but plausible-sounding information – as I said earlier, you will need a team. 


  • It could also generate biased content.
  • Some articles on the web say the results can be excessively verbose with the overuse of certain phrases. 
  • The Ai goes about doing its job based on inputs instead of asking follow-up questions for clarification to ensure a better result.
  • Presently the knowledge base is limited to events after 2021.

How Is Chat GPT similar to other AI Text Generators?

Chat GPT is creating waves because of the text output quality that most people didn’t expect. Those in the digital marketing or SEO industry who have been toying with AI text generators for a while, either as research tools or to generate content, will agree.

Sure, technology advancements like Chat GPT make AI writing technology more accessible. As more people try these, the result will be an improvement in the quality of the output from the AI content generators. That’s good news for marketers. 

Can AI GPT Chat replace human content writers?

This is undoubtedly bothering everyone, including the writers and marketing fraternity, who would be worried about content that needs the tone and the emotion that brands desire. The good news is that while GPT-3 can write articles that appear as though humans wrote them because it is trained on a massive dataset content from the internet text, it has its set of limitations, which we have mentioned above. 

You need to provide highly contextual input information to generate a response appropriate for a given prompt. Additionally, you must be very careful with the facts and misinformation. The structure and flow aren’t great and redundant sentences that do not engage readers are frequent. You cannot solely rely on this technology to answer your prayers to churn out 5 business blogs in a few hours 🙂. 

What’s the impact of Chat GPT 3 on Digital Marketing? 

Let’s look at the potential uses for Chat GPT:

Virtual Support Representatives: We are all used to chatbots to a certain extent, especially with online banking. AI-based Chat GPT makes it possible to power virtual representatives who can assist customers with their inquiries and problem-solving – better chatbots, more intelligent chatbots making it easier for customers to get what they want faster. 

Create Personal assistants: Using Chat GPT, it’s possible to create virtual assistants that can plan events, schedule meetings, and even improve the experience with mobile applications or used with voice assistants.

Social media moderation: This is an important area where social media marketing agencies will love chatgpt. Chat GPTs can dramatically improve the automatic detection and flagging of harmful or improper content, which could improve engagement in online groups and communities. 

There are many possible uses for ChatGPT. You must watch our blog for updates if this topic interests you. 

How can ChatGPT help SEO? 

Content creation: Google’s useful content update has become an awakening for many and led to a scampering of high-quality content. With chat GPT’s ability to speed up content creation, SEO can generate unique and engaging content faster. Fact is told, so far in our experience, we find the topic suggestion tool to be the most effective. 

Keyword research: What’s at the heart of an SEO strategy? The keyword. With Chat GPT as an assistant, SEOs can identify relevant and better target keywords faster for improving marketing campaigns’ performance. This is going to be such a huge time saver. 

Ad copywriting: With everything around us being about content, be it Social media posts, Ad copies, video scripts, and so much more, Chat GPT can be and generate effective partner in progress. This could especially be useful for paid search and social media marketing campaigns. Now we can do A, B, C, and D testing without spending late nights. 

What this means for Digital Marketing Agencies is that chat GPT may turn out to be a beneficial addition to the agency tool kit to improve the effectiveness of digital campaigns. As AI evolves, chatbots like Chat GPT will have increasingly better usage in boosting the performance of digital marketing campaigns meanwhile, will we all thank OpenAi for their efforts? Time will tell. 

Wrapping up, If you are a digital marketing manager, entrepreneur, content writer or content writing agency, AI Chat GPT is going to add to your speed. It can be an excellent research tool for gathering information or topical knowledge. Something similar to the way you go about using search engines but a tad faster. How valuable can this be? We will know over the next few months as we are extensively testing. See you soon. 

And hey, google and AI content aren’t friends, so don’t even attempt the shortcut; otherwise, you may lose rankings and traffic. Over time AI-driven content will start finding favour with search engines based on user behaviour data.