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We are
“Remarkable team, innovative ideas & exemplary execution”
Brand Marketing Agency in Bangalore

We are the people who help you on your journey to attain business and marketing goals. We manage your entire online presence, grow your brand(fame) and keep new and existing customers coming back for more.

Our views on the digital landscape inspired us to create a Digital Marketing Agency that would strive to make the difference rightfully deserved by the business venturing into a more digital future.

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Headquartered in Bengaluru (the lovely ‘Bangalore’ to many), we are on a mission to focus on doing what’s right for our clients and their customers. Our vision is to innovate and offer services by leveraging creativity and technology to create a positive and lasting impact on digital consumers.

Creating extraordinary customer experiences is what gets you ahead in the fame game. We ensure you are relevant, customers buy more, and your brand becomes a rock star.

Digital marketing company in Bangalore
People come first
Our strength is our team. At BrandFame, working relationships are built on the pillars of openness, loyalty, trust, and Care.
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The client is knowledge
Our clients are a lot smarter than we are. We understand you want to work with someone who will help your business do better and continue to add value.
Digital marketing company in Bangalore
It’s not just strategy
We are passionate about what we do. We strategise and we implement the strategies and do not rest until we achieve incredible results. We don’t stop until our clients get the results they desire.
B2B lead generation agency
Evolution is the new constant
We are constantly learning. We stay relevant, so our clients don't fall behind. We don't get complacent. We partner with you throughout our journey to unlock new opportunities and boost your business growth.
  • Digital Brand Strategy
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • Google ads - Search and Display Campaigns
  • Paid Media & Remarketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing Campaigns
  • Content Writing and Content Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing Graphics & Video
  • Web Development
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Our Team
On a mission
Raghav Mantri Director Brandfame
Raghav Mantri

An entrepreneur since college Raghav is an MBA and holds a certificate in Digital Marketing Program from IIM, Bangalore and is pursuing his Ph.D from The University of Mysore. With a zeal to excel against all odds, he has taken his education consulting company IES to the pinnacle of success with path-breaking services like Brain Matrix Test & Local Guardianship being the Industry’s First.

An advisor to large Educational Institutions & Academic Councils he has been honoured for his contributions to affordable education through his Social venture ‘CEST’.

He is a founding member of Millennial Hostels, a premium student housing service, and The University Village, an Education Mall.

Suresh Sharma Director BrandFame
Suresh Sharma

“The Unstoppable” serial entrepreneur who continues to explore new ideas every day despite his success, truly symbolises the man on a mission. In his journey that started 3 decades ago, he has traversed many domains, including software, finance, logistics, mining, clothing, affiliate marketing and more. The Internet caught his attention as the promise of the future in 1998 when he visited a technology expo and decided to be successful in financially viable businesses.

Today he has to his credit successful online businesses in the sectors of education, consumer fashion and digital marketing.