Get team of Google Ads professionals to work on your digital campaigns. With our customised campaign management packages, get real business traffic, leads, sales from your search marketing campaigns.

Google Ads & PPC agency in Bangalore

  • We offer objective driven Google Adwords campaign management services which takes away all your worries right from initial research to ongoing optimization of your Google ads campaigns. As a digital marketing agency that provide google ads as a service, our goal is to achieve high relevancy, more quality leads, hence improved sales revenue, and progressively higher ROI from your digital marketing budgets. Every campaign, big or small has a customised strategy and optimisation approach to meet the set goals.
    • Each campaign is customised to objectives and budget.
    • Keyword research, Account creation, Geo Strategy, Ad copywriting etc is all based on campaign objectives
    • You get a team that manages your search, display, and remarketing campaigns daily.
    • Our website design and development teams offer hands-on help for landing page design to maximise conversions.
Google Ads & PPC Ads Agency in Bangalore
PPC Ads Agency in Bangalore
  • Google ads also popular as PPC (Pay per click) advertising is a powerful digital marketing platform which when used strategically, will improve your business visibility, improve your sales and maximise your ROI. With brandfame google ads campaign management services you are assured of your products and services showing up on the right search keywords for best cost per click and get more prospects and high-conversion leads. As google ads agency we help you beat the competition with strategic and relevant Google ads campaigns.
  • One of the biggest advantages of google ads campaigns is fast results. Once campaigns are launched you start seeing results within 24 hours, but to improve google ads campaign performance and reduce cost of leads while improving volumes needs optimisation based on data analysis on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Q 1. Why is Search Advertising Important in Digital Marketing campaign?

With google ads you get a surprising set of advantages,

  • Be present when prospects are searching
  • Reach target audiences instantly
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Increase site traffic almost instantly
  • Get high quality leads
  • Increase Sales numbers fast
The brandfame google ads agency team creates stays abreast of the progress in search engine marketing and combines our skills as an seo agency and social media marketing agency to magnify your digital marketing success.

Q 2. How do I improve my Google ads campaign performance?

Your Google ads PPC campaigns incur cost per click based on an auction model. While the highest bidder can get to get top ad position and increase the possibility of getting more clicks, Google monitors quality at various levels to ensure high relevancy for search users. Hence its important to get keywords match types right, use negatives, write smart ad copy, use high conversion landing page design and use an SEO agency to optimise the landing page.

High quality google ads campaign management ensures high visibility, quality traffic, conversion oriented leads, and sales at the best ROI for all types of businesses.

Achieve your marketing objectives with the Brandfame team as your google campaign managers. Our fees are cost-effective and suitable for all business sizes.

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